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Welcome to Niho

Team Niho has positioned itself to provide top-of-the-range dental restorations by using cutting edge technology, world-class expertise and the very best materials available.  The Niho brand demands more of the technician’s time and skills and requires the use of additional processes to produce polychromatic, physiological restorations and prostheses.

Like the technicians there will need to be more input from the dentist and the patient in laying the foundation for the “Champagne Smile”.  This input will assist Team Niho to produce restorations that will enhance clients’ confidence, youthfulness, health and quality of life while looking naturally beautiful.

Andrew the company founder has forged strong relationships with leading global product companies representing Australasia in new product trials.  He is currently an active member of the New Zealand Institute of Dental Technology liasing with the Dental Council of New Zealand and the Ministry of Health.  He is in demand to speak around the country at professional seminars and tertiary institutes.  He also runs a course for first year Prosthodontists in Sydney, Australia on shade taking, shade communication and ceramic build-up of crowns.

Champagne Smile

Champagne Smile Guidlines